Lola T140 -7

Designed and built in 1967 – 68, as a result of some FIA rule changes. This is one of 17 cars all exported to the USA and sold via the Lola agent Carl Hass. Sadly The Hass organisation do not share any of their records.

Number 7 is believed to have been bought by Jerry Rosbach a Honda dealer in the mid-west USA, what race results we can find suggest he did not race it much or finish highly, he is also known to have owned a T70. At some point the car was crashed and from the spare parts with the car when we purchased it, it looks as if an attempt to rebuild it was made, and failed! Both the engine and  gearbox had disappeared but all other parts remained along with the all-important chassis plate.

The car arrived back in the UK via an eBay sale in the early 2000’s the came to us in 2007, since then and March 2012 the car underwent a full restoration by Jonathan Hall. The aim was to put it back to as it was when it came out of the Lola factory. The car now has full FIA papers, and MSA log book for hill climbs and sprints.

This site contains pictures of the project from start to the first race at Oulton Park in August 2012. As and when we discover more the site will be updated, we have also set up a mini register for all the known T140’s, if anybody out there knows anything about this car, or the whereabouts of any of the other not mentioned please contact us.

The Tech Spec

The chassis is all new, using one or two of the original tubes - you will see why!

Engine 302ci small block Chevrolet, taken out to 305ci the block and heads are 1968 date marked, the heads are “ fuelie”  or “double hump” high performance heads in cast iron. The engine was built by Mike Bumpers and Rick Jordan in the USA , and set up by Peter Knight over here. Said to produce 427bhp at 6500rpm running with a magneto.

The gearbox is and LG600 mk2 5 speed, originally the cars were fitted with the LG 600 mk 1, when we offered up an mk1 during the rebuild we found the cross piece in the chassis that the gearbox hangs off was made to fit a mk2, the only gearbox we could find without making a new one was a mk2 (which was a bit of luck) which fitted back on a treat. This suggests that original was replaced at some point during its racing life. All the gear linkage including the gear knob is original. Gearbox was built by RGS.

Suspension and brakes, we had all the parts but chose to make them new, the uprights are original and the so are the brake callipers.

Wheels are all originals, over the years we have collected 3 complete sets.

Paint and finish by Nev Rollason.

Decals recreated by Sam Stretton.

Thanks to Mick Walker, Charlie Wooding, Jonathan Hall for letting us use their photos. And to Bruce Sevier and John Bryant for all the help and encouragement over the last four years.